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Welcome to The Barbado da Terceira Blog!

Becoming a Barbado da Terceira Dog Breeder "Pros and Cons"

We are a small, in-home breeder located in New England. We became a dog breeder because of our love and passion for dogs.

It was not an easy decision to make. We started creating a "pros and cons" list when we decided to become a breeder. We already have two other dogs, so we know from experience all the commitments and sacrifices we have to make for our beloved pups. Our cons list was huge, and honestly, financially, this list was terrifying!

  • Dogs' basic need expenses (food, toys, treats, health insurance, preventive medications, and veterinarian fees not covered by the insurance, training, grooming, etc.)

  • Dog specialized health tests exclusive for breeding and not covered by insurance (DNA, test, eye test, hip test, elbow test, etc.)

  • Doggy care when we are out of vacation or for long periods during a day (or never going away on vacation again)

  • How messy our house will be means more expenses (specialized cleaning supplies for dog messes, puppy pads, playpen for the puppies, etc.)

  • When it is time to breed, more expenses will come (prenatal vitamins, more vet visits, whelping box, plan for emergency labor, investment in puppy culture program, etc.)

  • Dog breeders have a bad reputation (backyard breeders, puppy mills, unethical breeder practices, inbreed dogs, etc.)

  • They get a lot of flak from animal welfare societies and animal rights activists, not counting the criticism of most people for getting a dog from a breeder instead of a rescue.

  • Dog breeders contribute to the overpopulation problem, and many of these dogs will end up in shelters.

  • We need hypoallergenic dogs!

And our pros list had a very valuable point,

  • We love dogs!

  • We have a big backyard for the dogs to play

  • We can afford to add two more dogs to our pack

  • Our house will have an excellent security system

  • We will have two more best friends and companions for life

  • We will have fun training and playing with the dogs

  • We found a fantastic dog breed, The Barbado da Terceira. These dogs are hypoallergenic, intelligent, and beautiful.

  • The Barbado da Terceira is an endangered dog breed, and we can help them!

When we looked at all these bullet points, we decided that if we could help save this vulnerable dog breed, it would make sense for us to become a Barbado da Terceira breeder. We know that will be a lot of work, but we are confident it will be worth it!

Why do we care so much to save a dog breed from extinction? Some might say it is not a big deal if a dog breed becomes extinct. They are not wild animals that play a valuable part in any ecosystem. The fact that they are not wild animals does not make them less valid for the people concerned. Barbados da Terceira dogs are part of the history of Terceira Island. They played a valuable role in the economic development of that region. These dogs are super friendly, easy to train, fun, docile, etc. We want other generations to have the opportunity to meet this breed and have the chance to experience what it is to own a Barbado da Terceira, AKA Terceira Cattle dog!

Barbado da Terceira dogs, Terceira Cattle dogs
Autumn & Toby | Barbado da Terceira Dogs

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