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Azorean Heritage Barbados

About Us

Barbado da Terceira Dog Breeder

Our Breeding Philosophy

Producing Healthy and Family-Tempered Barbado da Terceira

At Azorean Heritage Barbados, we are a small, in-home breeder located in New England, in the beautiful state of Rhode Island. We take pride in producing healthy and family-tempered Barbado da Terceira dogs. Our breeding program is focused on health testing and temperament testing to ensure our puppies grow up to be wonderful family companions. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible experience when purchasing a puppy from us. We are always available to answer any questions and provide support throughout the life of your new family member.


Our Story

Small and Passionate Breeders

At Azorean Heritage Barbados, we are a small family of passionate breeders.  We grew up with dogs, and when we started our family, we decided to bring our first dog into our life.  In the summer of 2008, we got Cujo, a beautiful Toy Poodle.  Years passed, and Cujo was getting old; we thought it was time to bring another dog to our family.  We got our second poodle, a gorgeous Standard Poodle, Missy.  Our daughter started to show the same passion and love for dogs.  She wanted to be part of showing dogs and participated in agility events with our standard poodle.

While attending dog shows, we realized how important it is to protect and preserve dog breeds for future generations.


 We were learning about different breeds when we came across the Barbado da Terceira breed.  We were captivated by this magnificent breed, but when we realized that this old breed is at risk of becoming extinct, we decided to get involved and help save it. We made the decision to help the breed, and we contacted the US Barbado Club. Sooner than expected, our journey with the BDT had begun. We got our first BDT, Autumn, from Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal.  We were struck by her friendly and gentle temperament and her unique appearance. Autumn helped us reassure our commitment to the breed with her docile and sweet personality. We got our second BDT, Toby, A.K.A. Toblerone, from Terceira Island a few months later. 


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